Hello Ladies,

How are you? This month I am continuing the chat on gaining more power.

This month is all about avoiding the 'flying elbow' to achieve a balanced full finish and relaxed why it is so important in gaining distance.

One reason the finish may not be completed is because the club face has not been released through impact. One reason is tension resulting in a flying elbow.  This will not allow proper acceleration and weight shift.  It is also a major cause of slicing/fading.  When the elbow works correctly you gain an added 'lever' which adds speed and distance.  Your weight will transfer through if your elbow folds correctly.  I will chat as a right hander.....

Club face release is when the face of the club squares up to the ball at impact (contacts the ball with the club face aiming at the target).  After it contacts the ball the clubface then rotates, the old toe up or as if you are going to shake hands. To gain proper release the back of the left hand should be facing the ground.  The only way the clubface can release is if the left elbow points down to the ground after contact.  This will also allow the club to continue to a full finish over the shoulder.  When someone has a flying elbow the elbow does not point down but to the side.  If you know cricket it is very common with cricket players e.g. cover drive. 

I believe that when the elbow works correctly the shoulder and elbow joints must be relaxed.  This promotes a natural flowing rhythmical swing which will flow through to a more consistent finish.

Next time you are playing hold your finish and check where your club shaft has finished, if you feel it is not over your shoulder or completed to maximum let your elbow fold/bend and see how much further the club will move.   I would say on average you can add another 6 feet to where the club head finishes.  This equates to a much longer follow through therefore more acceleration and distance.

Happy Golfing