I have had a request to chat about matchplay. Good luck to all that are competing.

The greater the preparation prior to playing a game or shot, the greater chance of success.  Preparation and routine will contribute to less pressure and better results.

  • Before Starting, please check and prepare your equipment.
  • Check all your clubs are in your bag.
  • Rainwear, towel (spare one for wet conditions), balls, tees, pencil, ball marker and pitch mark repairer.
  • Drinks and food.
  • Scorecard for course, plus one for your caddie.  You could also take one from your homeclub to compare distances especially at par 3’s.
  • Rules Book, very important for any queries
  • Write down the local rules and fully understand them before teeing off
  • Check what the distance markers are on the course also the flag colours and write them down.
  • If playing handicap matchplay, mark the holes where you give or receive strokes.

Once prepared and ready to compete, start by taking some deep breaths and gaining your focus.  Remember your opponent is as nervous as you are.

Play the golf course not your opponent, there may be a difference in handicap but you must play within your limits.

Choose the club which will get your tee shot in position, don’t feel you must hit your driver, play smart.

When approaching the green use the club you have most confidence in.  If you feel you may miss the green, err to a position you feel you can recover from.

Play one shot at a time, forget the last shot good or bad and keep your focus on the present shot. If you feel you have lost your confidence, take some deep breaths and concentrate on the shot in hand, visualise the ball flight, where it is going to land and the desired positive result.

Play with confidence, relax and never give up!