Hello Ladies,

How is your golf game?  I have had the pleasure of playing in Hawaii, very lucky and highly recommended.  This month I am going to continue the chat of gaining power.

As women we gain a lot of our power through the lower body, using the bigger muscles of our body i.e. Backside and legs.  The lower body acts as a resistance against our upper body forming tension.  Have you heard the term 'wringing the towel'?  It is a clear visual of the coil/twisting around the core where the upper body above the waist turns about 90 degrees and the lower body about 45 degrees.  This move is helped if you are flexible but can still be gained for the less flexible.

The golf swing is a very grounded move, meaning there is a lot of pressure through the feet.  This transference of weight should be felt through the feet.  For right handed players the weight should be felt in the right heel at the top of the backswing.  The next move is the downswing where the weight is shifted to a 'sit' position resulting in the weight being quite even. The next move is through impact, then onto the follow through and finish.  This is when the weight transfers to the left.  The left leg is straight and you should finish balanced with the majority of your weight on the outside of the left foot/heel.

You can test your weight shift by practising swinging to the top of the backswing and stopping. See where you feel the weight is.  If you feel the weight is on the outside of your right foot you have swayed not turned. This will result in a loss of power and consistency.  Try putting more pressure onto your right foot and pressing down like you are pushing/grinding the foot into the ground.  Check if the right knee is still is a bit flexed.  This activates the quadriceps muscle of your upper leg one of the biggest muscles of the body.  Next time you watch the top lady pros you will notice how strong their leg muscles are.  Once you have the correct feel of resistance it can act as a spring to propel you back to your left side. 

Your transition should be from the feet and knees. Feel you are propelling with the big right toe, using it to push the weight. Then kick in the right knee to continue the shift.  Once you start to move use your right buttocks, I use this muscle a lot and feel like I am squeezing it tight as I hit the ball.  It is the biggest, strongest muscle of the women's body and you should use it!  This will help all the weight and body to transfer to the full balanced finish.

Good Luck and Happy Golfing