Hello Ladies,

Happy to see the sun at last and get the shorts out. With Christmas just around the corner it's time to choose a Christmas present for you. May I suggest a new driver as a good choice? 

The most common lesson I am asked for is tee shots. With its advanced technology the driver is one of the most changed clubs in the bag. I would say it is an absolute must to invest in the best you can afford. If you feel a brand new club is out of your budget look around for a second hand or super seeded model. All the big brand names are continually bringing out new models and each time a new model comes onto the market the last model is then classed as super seeded. This can mean the old model can be at least half the price of the new.

The R & A rules state that the driver head size cannot exceed the size of 460cc. All the models of the last 3 years have been made to that size so you are not missing out with an older model.  The larger head can increase the chance of a more centred hit giving more forgiveness and distance.

I would recommend full titanium head as opposed to an alloy head, (alloy is a mix of metals). You will pay extra but the results will be worth it. With the use of titanium the club head can be made larger and lighter.  This allows for a longer shaft which will give you more distance, the lightness of the club will allow you to generate more club head speed therefore better flight and distance. The loft of drivers varies considerably, the most common ladies loft is now 13 degrees.  This will give you a slightly higher flying ball flight.

The shaft is the most important choice, ladies flex is nice and light with plenty of flex which will allow you to swing faster and generate speed for distance. A slightly heavier shaft like a Men's regular or senior flex will make the club feel heavier and slow the swing speed down.

Next choice is looks and sound.  Obviously if you like the look of your club it will instil more confidence which will make you relax and hit the ball with authority. The more you relax the faster you swing and speed =power.  I love my diver and when I use it I look forward to giving the ball a good crack!  The new breed of drivers gives of some really different sounds.  Some of which I personally do not like and could not hit with the sound they give off.

The bottom line is when choosing your new club to test out as many as possible. We are really lucky at Moore Park because of all the Demo nights available. They are conducted by expert fitters who can guide you in the right club to suit you; they have all the different shafts and lofts.  Once you find one you like try to get the demo for a couple of weeks and try it out on the course. 

Any questions please feel free to ask me. 

Happy Golfing Gillian