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Hi Ladies,Giilian_007

This year the chit chat has all been about gaining more power and distance.  With all the info it really comes down to two key ingredients Increasing club head speed and increasing centeredness of contact.

To gain more speed I would recommend practising with a weighted club.  You can buy aids to slip onto the club which add weight to the head or ask the golf shop to add more weight to the head.  Swinging with a heavy club improves your strength and flexibility by making you stretch.

Next hold your driver upside down; on the shaft near the club head, you can also use a shaft without a club head.  Make swings until you hear a 'whoosh' sound.  This will help reduce tension in the hands and the feeling of 'letting go'.

To check how your contact is going on the club face, ask the golf shop for a sticker to place on the face.  It will mark where your ball is hitting. The benefit of this is it can show where you are actually connecting.   This can give you a goal to improve your contact and really see the results.  Watching the ball longer and swinging in a better rhythm usually improves your contact.

Effort does not create extra power.  Tour players use about 50% less effort than 15 handicappers.  Use your speed and effort on the finish of the swing not on the takeaway and backswing.

All the best and good golfing