Hello Ladies,

This month I am going to chat about golf balls on the market and a bit of rules.

The main difference when choosing a golf ball (except from the price!) is whether to choose a soft or hard ball.  This is also described as the ' compression'.  A low compression rated ball is a softer ball, players with a slower swing speed generally play softer balls.  Players with faster swing speeds generally play harder, high rated compression balls.  With the introduction of solid, soft core balls replacing wound balls in the late 90's, compression is not such a big factor.  It is very rarely stamped on the ball now.

The modern golf ball is now mainly made with Surlyn or Urethane cover.  Surlyn is very durable and can be made for spin and/or distance.  Urethane is much softer but can still be quite durable.

Spin rate can affect ball flight.  Too much goes too high, too little will give you a low ball flight and roll.  For most ladies a high spin rate ball is recommended.

If this all sounds a bit complicated as a general rule ladies swing slower than men.  Golf companies have now produced golf balls to suit the requirements of lady golfers.  Research and analysis have matched golf balls to suit particular swing speeds and impact.  There are currently 18 specifically for ladies on the market.  Colour is now a influence, this does not affect the result.  The final decision on choosing a favourite ball for you comes down to feel and result, what works best for you. 

When playing professional tournaments there is the 1 ball rule. It is not permitted to change the brand or compression of ball during your round.  This is a PGA rule and only applies to amateurs when playing in elite events or if the Club Committee includes a local rule for the competition.   Because there is no rule against changing your ball, I would recommend experimenting on playing a really soft ball on a short par 3 or when the green is hard and fast.  When you are playing a long par 5 use a harder ball to gain maximum distance.

Happy Golfing Gillian