Hello Ladies 

I am always being asked on how to get more power.  Good technique, strength, flexibility and the right equipment all combine for more power. There is no substitute for better strength which will be gained from more practice and repetition.   If I had to give one tip on gaining more power/speed it would be to check your grip pressure and tension levels.  A tight grip pressure will slow the swing speed down, restricting the length of swing and stop correct hinging/wrist cock.   If you are a new player or lack strength you will need to grip the club with more pressure, just check that you can still rotate your wrists whilst gripping tightly.  Stronger players do not need to apply so much pressure.  The correct size grip is important; if it is too small for your hands you will apply too much pressure, too big a grip hinders your flexibility of wrists. 

If your wrists are tight you lose speed and cannot release the club face.  This can also cause the ball to slice, if you are a slicer try to soften your grip pressure, allowing the club face to release more at impact.  Hookers often have to soft a grip, why not try increasing your grip pressure so the club face will not release so much.

To strengthen your hands and wrists invest in a stress ball or hand grips.

The pressure should always be felt in the fingers allowing the wrist and forearms to be free.  Next time you're watching golf on TV check out the players 'waggle'  prior to hitting the ball you will notice all the players have a pre shot waggle where they move the club before hitting.  It is usually in the form of a slight wrist cock.  They're releasing tension in their wrist and forearms but their grip is staying intact.

Happy Golfing Gillian