Happy New Year!  It’s that time again to be setting yourself those new goals for 2013.Jenny_238

This month we are talking about the most common lesson I do.  ‘Topping the ball’ or hitting it ‘thin’ along the ground.  It can be so embarrassing and frustrating.  We all hit the odd ‘topped shot’ but if this is a consistent repetitive problem you must address the cause of it.  Whether it is happening in the short or the long game, the cause is generally the same.  The mind is telling you to lift or help the ball into the air.  Unfortunately as you know the more you try to lift the ball the more you will connect with the top of the ball and disaster ensues.

Without going into technical swing thoughts try some simple remedies to try when you are on course.  There are usually specific situations when the top shot happens more than most.  For me personally it is when I have to hit a 3 wood over water from a poor lie. If before playing the shot and I am not totally confident I will change my club to a 5 wood which I am much more confident with.  Much better to sacrifice distance than ‘thin’ it into the water!  Next time when under pressure forget distance and play your confidence club.

You must hit the bottom of the ball to get it in the air, brushing the grass or taking a divot is a must for a good flight.  Another common situation is when there is a bunker between you and the green and you feel pressure of getting it up and over.  Take time to have as many practice swings as necessary to gain a relaxed confident swing.  If your club head is not brushing the grass you are too tense or practicing lifting the ball.    If you are really nervous or have a tight lie, play the ball closer to the middle or the back of your stance.  This encourages a more descending, downward blow.