Hello Ladies,

Hope you are all well and enjoying your golf.  This month I would like to chat about playing out of trees or trouble, where a low punch style shot is the only option.  This style of shot is great for playing in windy conditions.

Let’s imagine you are in the trees and you have to play a low running shot under low branches in front of you and get the ball back into play.

The first step is to choose your target and visualise your shot.  If you are not too confident on ‘threading the needle’ choose a line that gets you back into the fairway in a good position to play the next shot. 

Next step is to choose your club.  The most common mistake I see is the choice of club Too many time I see the player choosing and 8 or 7 iron and the ball fly’s high into the branches in front and the ball remains in the trees.  It is essential you keep the ball low to avoid hitting the branches in your line of play.  The choice should be your least lofted iron.  I tend to choose my 4 or 5 iron.

To play a successful low/punch shot, play the ball back in your stance, aim the club face in the direction of your target. Place your hands down the bottom of the grip for more control.  Then have the hands and shaft leaning forward of the ball.  This creates even less loft on the club face to help it fly lower and run further.  When making your swing try to keep the lower body quite still and stable, you may even have a restricted swing if there are branches or obstacles nearby.  Restrict your swing length to a ¾ swing.  By not moving the body so much this will enable a more solid contact of the ball.  Finally try not to swing too fast.

Happy Golfing Girls