Hello Ladies,


Hope your game is in fine form.  Hard playing in this cold and wet.  Because of the conditions I have been asked to chat about wet, muddy lies.


Firstly as course management asses what shot is possible. The scenario is wet ground tight lie and faced with a high lob shot over a bunker ask yourself can I play it successfully?  If the answer is no or chances are slim play the percentage shot to get you in a position to recover.  E.g.  Putt the ball onto the middle of the green.  If you have to play a lofted shot try these tips below.


It is highly difficult to use your most lofted wedge as the tend to dig into the ground.  You want the bottom or sole of the club bouncing off the ground not the leading edge digging into the ground.  Try to use a pitching wedge or 9 iron instead of your sand or lob wedge.


With set up don’t have the hands or your weight too far forward as this may cause the leading edge of the club to dig in. Therefore have your hands slightly forward/ in front of the ball. Same with your weight a slightly forward or in front.


Contacting the ball first is a must.  Not so much wrist cock, you don’t want to be approaching the ball from a great height and chopping into the mud!  Try to forget about taking a divot and visualise skimming the ground.  Don’t try to lift the ball.  Focus your eyes on the front of the ball; you will be amazed how well this works.


Happy Golfing