Hello Ladies,

Half way through the year, where has it gone?!  This month I would like to chat about good golf grips and how important they are to your game.

Having fresh and tacky grips plays a major role in a consistent successful golf swing.  Remember when you were taught about the grip how tight your grip pressure should be?  You may have been told about the scale 1 to 10.  1 being very light 10 being like a death grip.  It is usually advised to be about 4 on the scale. This light pressure allows the sequence and flow of your swing.  If the grips are worn and shiny the grip pressure must increase and tighten.  The lighter grip pressure allows the correct sequence and flow of the swing, allowing correct hinging and cocking of the wrists.  The worn grip can also cause the club face to twist as you make contact with the ground or ball. It can also make the club slip a little and impacts on the control of the club and the clubface.  If a grip is too large it make it hard to move the hands properly to hinge and release.

I would like to ask you to check your grips (or I would be happy to for you).  Are the fresh and tacky?  Are they free from wear and tear?  If they are not fresh and tacky they may only be dirty, caused by sweat, dirt, oils, creams etc.  This can be remedied by scrubbing your grips in hot soapy water followed by a good rub with a dry towel.  You will be amazed how much dirt comes of them.  To maintain the tackiness and life of the grip, you should clean them as often as possible.  Have you ever noticed while watching professional golfers, they or their caddies are continually running a towel over the grip before and after the shot is taken.  Good golfers will change their grips many times per year.   If you do not want to invest at this time in new grips buff them up with light sandpaper.

When choosing new grips you will benefit by proper fitting by a PGA Professional.  When being fitted wear your gloves and have the Pro measure you at a set up position with your own club.  There are so many grips to choose from, colour and design is a big selling point.  For ladies I recommend a soft feel grip.  It is much kinder on your hands, comfortable and less jarring as they absorb shock.   Great for anyone with arthritis.

Happy Golfing Gillian