Hello Ladies,

Hope you are all keeping well and playing good golf.  Spring is here but it still feels like summer, it has been great weather and I have been enjoying the extra run the dry conditions have given us.  I would like to continue our chat on gaining distance.  Did anyone change their Drivers?

Club head speed is one of the most important factors in gaining distance. Through impact and after is when the club head should be at its maximum speed.  I see a lot of players using up their speed before the ball is hit and actually decelerating through the ball resulting in a very short finish.  This tells me the club has slowed down before it hits the ball.  If you can continue your swing so that the club finishes over your shoulder or if more flexible focus on the right shoulder (for right handed players) finishing facing at the target.  This tells me the coil or pivot has worked to a complete finish.  Imagine throwing a ball as far as possible, you would not stop the momentum, you would go with it. This is the sort feel you need with the club.  As the club approaches the ball imagine it sweeping the ball away and continuing towards the chosen target.  You may even lose your balance and the force will pull you off your feet towards the target! The shaft over the shoulder or level behind the head increases the length of swing and the size of the arc allowing more club head speed and power.  Basically you have maintained the acceleration and the body will have moved through to allow the weight transfer to be complete.  Try this drill when next playing or practising.  Hold your finish for the count of 3 seconds.  This will encourage a more complete, consistent balanced swing.

Happy Golfing